Why Visitor Management System ?

"A World Before The Internet"

The constant struggle was with -

  • Unannounced Visitors
  • Safety Security At Stake
  • Invalid Record Keeping
  • Tampering of Record
  • High Manpower Requirement

And of course...long waiting hours for the guests.


  • Go Green- less paper work
  • Plan your visitors well in advance
  • Easy access to visitor information
  • Restrict the unwanted visitors/vendors
  • Enhanced physical as well as informtion security

                               .............Your virtual assistant

How DigiLiv-VMS Works

App Overview

  • Controlled Admin access as well as authentication process for "New Users"

  • Customized Branding

  • Real Time Notification

  • Create planned meetings

  • Create unannounced visitor's meetings

  • Authorization process for unannounced visitors

  • Centralized and secure visitor data

  • MIS Reports

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